Visite de l’expo Hip Hip 360 à la Philharmonie de Paris

Cet hiver, les élèves de la SI arabe (4ème) et de la SI américaine (4ème et 3ème) sont allés visiter l’expo Hip Hip 360 à la Philharmonie de Paris pour mieux comprendre l’histoire de ce genre de musique. La visite faisait partie d’un projet commun sur le rap bilingue en anglais et en arabe.

Students look at photos of the Bronx and Harlem in the 1970s

Before going to the museum, our students prepared presentations on different parts of the exhibit in groups. Some spoke about Afrika Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation, others about graffiti and its place in hip hop culture, while others concentrated on hip hop played on the radio or fashion in hip hop. 

Figures representing different periods in hip hop fashion

Once each group had presented their topic, students were able to explore the exhibit freely using headphones to listen to excerpts of documentaries or music hits.













Students exploring the exhibit on their own

The interactive nature of the exhibit meant that even students who aren’t particularly fond of the genre were able to focus on something that interested them. Some students who are fans of hip hop were surprised to learn more about the genre.

Boomboxes or Ghettoblasters on display in the museum

For everyone involved, going to the exhibit was a breath of fresh air. Thank you to the Philharmonie de Paris for this fantastic experience!

 Graffiti on the Parisian metro in a new light

When was the last time you went to an exhibit?

What do you know about hip hop?